Sunday, September 9, 2012

School Starts on Monday....Tomorrow!!! Crazy! I am excited, but a little scared. Leo and I went to an Orem High football game in Pocatello, with some friends (all the guys in the group had gone to Orem High as well). We sat right behind Aunt Susan, Uncle Rick and Ben. Mia played, he's pretty good. It was kind of a scary ride to Pocatello. It looked cloudy and we could see rain in the distance, from Rexburg. We were listening to the radio and one of those warnings came on saying that there was a flash flood and lightning warning for Pocatello. It started raining like CRAZY and driving by semi's was super scary because we could literally not see anything (okay, so maybe we could see a little out the side windows, but not the front)! Luckily, we got there and back safely. Oh, I guess I should mention that Orem won 49 to 24??? Something like that. Well, I thought I would put up some more pics, cause I like looking at pics!

                                                             Leo's Dad, Leo and Sarah
                                                          Leo's Uncle, Leo and Sarah
Sarah, Leo, Leo's Mission President (also Associate Dean of Curriculum) 
and his wife. President and Sister Sexton. 
                                                                          13 weeks
                              (I'm just not going to comment on how I look in the rest of these pictures)                                                                      

                                                                        14 Weeks

                     15 Weeks. 2 very different faces...I think I was saying something? Have know idea.
OH! Today we went to the CES fireside that Johannah sang in. We saw her! Totally Tab Choir quality right there!