Thursday, April 4, 2013

So I was going to wait until the end of the semester, but I wanted to start a lot of these now and thought i might as well post the things I am wanting to work on anyway. I am so excited to do this! 

Kay, first, PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH/KNOW!!! This goes with everything because I know and even tell people things that will help them or things they should be doing, while I am not doing them myself. 

-          Study scriptures daily
·         I have not been as good as I should be with scripture study. I really can tell the difference when I have versus not studying and need to add spiritual strength to my life.
-          Personal prayer (every morning)
·         I need to be better at remembering to pray in the morning and not sleeping in until the limit to where I am rushing out the door and forget to pray.
-          Workout daily (3 Cardio/2 strength)
·         I have been awful the last 3 months! Here I am graduating in a health degree and am literally dying on my behind. I know what it feels like to exercise every day and have the added energy and happiness that comes with it. What I mean by ‘practice what I preach’ is that I have had clients and had the opportunity to help other people or give advice, while I am sitting here, not doing what I am telling them to do. It has been hard to find time, with school and having a new baby. LIFE IS BUSY! If I have a mindset of not exercising because I simply don’t have enough time??? Uh……I would never exercise in my life again! My life is probably just going to continue to get busier and I HAVE to MAKE the time, Whether that means waking up earlier or going to bed later.
-          Learn something new each week and teach someone else about it
·         I am not going to lie, I am kind of sad that I won’t be in school anymore! You know the saying ‘great and dreadful day’? Yeah. That’s my life right now. I am SUPER excited to finally be done and free, but at the same time I am realizing that I am going to miss learning, more specifically, miss learning new things pertaining to my major. UH…Why stop right?
-          Go to bed at a decent time (workout though! Even if it’s just 10 minutes)
·         Hmmm…..We’ll see how this goes =)
-          Smile!!!
·         I decided to add this to my list, because when I consciously have ‘smile’ going through my brain, I have a better day, I feel better about myself and work better with those around me. I don’t want people to see me and think I’m mean or such a serious person, just cause I’m not smiling.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Okay, so its been a WHILE! School has been crazy busy!!! I have no idea how I will do this with a baby for the last month of school (I am already counting down the weeks). We are super excited though. SO, just a little of what I have been doing in one of my classes....Corsage's. It's fun, don't laugh....I'm just a beginner!
1st 3-flower corsage ever. Don't pay attention to the colors matching...not matching very well.

1st 3-flower corsage that I did by myself. I would have picked different color of ribbon.

1st 5-flower corsage ever! It was dried up before I took the picture and it got smashed in my backpack. sorry =)

2nd 5-flower corsage. I thought this one looked the best so far.  

So, that's what has been going on...I need to post some pictures of how big I am getting. These last 2-3 weeks, I have felt like I am starting to blow-up! My legs (ANKLES) are pretty swollen, but I can still wear my shoes, so all is good!  

Saturday, December 8, 2012

So, I made a fall wreath earlier and then just took it down, because I made a Christmas one! One more week of school!!! I am so ready to have a break and we can't wait to see all of you!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Latest picture = 24 weeks
Sooo, I always feel awkward taking a picture of just me. Not awkward, but....whatever. So, for Halloween we carved a scared ghost pumpkin. We watched the Boise Idaho temple dedication today. We thought it was really good and a special experience. Sorry that it has taken me forever to post! Here are a few pictures of us.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

 8 more weeks of school! Leo and I will hopefully going down to Utah for Thanksgiving. We are excited for a break. It has been getting freezing cold here in the mornings, but hasn't snowed yet. If it is going to be this cold it should just snow! I think everyone that talks to me about the weather in Rexburg, knows by the end of the conversation that I strongly believe that fact. Tomorrow we'll find out if its a girl or boy!!!! We are super excited!
P.S. I threw-up in the car on our way home from church today. Today I am especially grateful for plastic baggie's. The End.

Ummm.....19 weeks??

Old fashioned pic.....20 WEEKS!!!!

(Clown weirdo)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

School Starts on Monday....Tomorrow!!! Crazy! I am excited, but a little scared. Leo and I went to an Orem High football game in Pocatello, with some friends (all the guys in the group had gone to Orem High as well). We sat right behind Aunt Susan, Uncle Rick and Ben. Mia played, he's pretty good. It was kind of a scary ride to Pocatello. It looked cloudy and we could see rain in the distance, from Rexburg. We were listening to the radio and one of those warnings came on saying that there was a flash flood and lightning warning for Pocatello. It started raining like CRAZY and driving by semi's was super scary because we could literally not see anything (okay, so maybe we could see a little out the side windows, but not the front)! Luckily, we got there and back safely. Oh, I guess I should mention that Orem won 49 to 24??? Something like that. Well, I thought I would put up some more pics, cause I like looking at pics!

                                                             Leo's Dad, Leo and Sarah
                                                          Leo's Uncle, Leo and Sarah
Sarah, Leo, Leo's Mission President (also Associate Dean of Curriculum) 
and his wife. President and Sister Sexton. 
                                                                          13 weeks
                              (I'm just not going to comment on how I look in the rest of these pictures)                                                                      

                                                                        14 Weeks

                     15 Weeks. 2 very different faces...I think I was saying something? Have know idea.
OH! Today we went to the CES fireside that Johannah sang in. We saw her! Totally Tab Choir quality right there!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I thought I would start with me being pregnant, since our wedding was a while ago.... There actually aren't too many pictures of us, because all I did at first was.....
                                                        Sleep......(Leo did a little of that too)

                                                       Never went into the kitchen and....
                                              spent a lot if time at my pink porcelain thrown.
It has been a long 3 months and I have a ton more respect and love towards mom and all the things she went through to bring us into the world!