Sunday, October 14, 2012

 8 more weeks of school! Leo and I will hopefully going down to Utah for Thanksgiving. We are excited for a break. It has been getting freezing cold here in the mornings, but hasn't snowed yet. If it is going to be this cold it should just snow! I think everyone that talks to me about the weather in Rexburg, knows by the end of the conversation that I strongly believe that fact. Tomorrow we'll find out if its a girl or boy!!!! We are super excited!
P.S. I threw-up in the car on our way home from church today. Today I am especially grateful for plastic baggie's. The End.

Ummm.....19 weeks??

Old fashioned pic.....20 WEEKS!!!!

(Clown weirdo)


  1. Oh Sarah! You're sooooo cute! CALL ME RIGHT AFTER YOU FIND OUT WHAT YOU'RE HAVING!!!! You promised! :) I am sooooo excited for you!

  2. I probably should be putting pictures of me up on my blog, but I haven't...oh well! You're looking cute and kind of weird to see my little sister looking like that.